Kelly Music Center!!!!

Kelly Music for Life, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that supports music education, community, culture and the arts, as well as produces and promotes music and art events to benefit the community. Recently, they acquired a storefront in the center of Havertown to create the Kelly Center for Music, Arts and Community. The planned Kelly Center will provide a year-round home to Music and Arts Programs for people of all ages. We were thrilled to be selected to work on their storefront as we are dedicated to improving our community. It is exciting to work on a property on our block and contribute to making Eagle Road the place to be in Havertown!  Some features of The Kelly Center, known as “green” features, include a plant wall, an energy efficient storefront system, speakers and lights that are solar powered, a system to harvest rainwater and refurbishment of the 100 year old floors. We are so glad to have been a part of this project and congratulate Kelly Music for Life, Inc. on an amazing renovation. The Kelly Center’s first show is next Friday at 7:30 pm!   Check out their website for more details at  and hopefully you can make it!