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 Due Diligence

We have years of experience throughout the Delaware Valley designing hundreds of commercial and residential projects.  We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project requirements. We’ll help you design the building or space that’s right for you.

We can provide an analysis of a property’s existing conditions and the restrictions that may affect the usefulness and price of a piece of property.  With the use of various consultants we can analyze a buildings construction and electrical, plumbing, mechanical and structural systems.  This gives you a clear picture of what you can do with your property.

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 Master Planning

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 3D Visualization

We can provide a thorough analysis of an area to determine the best use of a piece of land.  We work closely with the client to maximize the potential of their property.  With an analysis of the zoning codes and other land restrictions we are able to help clients quickly determine the value of their land.

Curious as to what your building will look like prior to the start of construction? We can provide quick sketches or photo-realistic renderings to help you visualize the space and see how it fits into the neighborhood.

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 Accessibility Review

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 Opinion of Probable Costs

We can provide an analysis of your facility to determine what changes and upgrades are required for compliance with the American Disabilities Act, ANSI117.1, Fair Housing Act and other State, Federal and Local requirements.

Through years of experience, we can provide accurate preliminary estimates of project costs.  We also work with contractors early on in design to make sure that the client’s needs are attainable within their budget.

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 Sustainable Design

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 Construction Administration

Through our design process, we consider the impacts of the site, building layout, construction materials and building systems to help minimize any negative environmental impact.

Throughout the construction process, unexpected things happen. We can provide professional consultation throughout the entire building process, from design to completion.